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Running weekend at Mývatn
Icelandair hotel Mývatn offers a special offer in connection with the running weekend 28-30. May for all those who intend to run in the Hraunhlap and/or the Mývatn Marathon together with their relatives.

Check out the deals here! 


Relaxation in Mývatnsveit

Accommodation with breakfast 

A three-course dinner in Vogafjós style

Access to the Earth Baths at Mývatn


Price for two people in a double room - ISK 34,790.

Price for one person in a single room - ISK 19,900.

Add an extra night for ISK 9,990.


KEA offer

One night's accommodation with breakfast, three-course dinner and aperitif*

Price for two people in a double room is ISK 29,900.

Price for one ISK 19,900.

Extra night with breakfast ISK 9,500.

*one drink per man


Snow Dogs
Looking forward to a free visit for the whole family on Sunday 30 May between 11-13. 

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Hotel Laxá
Price for two people in a double room for one night with breakfast - ISK 16,900.

Price for two people in a double room for two nights with breakfast - ISK 30,000.

3-course meal at Eldey Restaurant for ISK 5,400 per person! 


NOK 16,900 per night with breakfast in a double room. 


All participants in the Mývatn marathon and the Mývatn ring from the lava run free of charge to Jarðbáðin. 

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