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Mývatnsstofa reserves the right to change the terms without notice.

1. Mývatnsstofa is not responsible for the health of participants in the Mývatn Ring or the Laxá Ring, either during the competition or in connection with it. Furthermore, Mývatnsstofa or its staff, volunteers and partners are not responsible fo any damages, either physically, mentally or financially, that participants will suffer as a result of participating in the competition.


2. Entry fees in the Mývatn Ring and the Laxá Ring are not refundable, but a name change can be made to the registration while electronic registration is open. It is not possible to hold competition participation fees until next year.


3. If the Mývatn Ring or laxá Ring does not take place due to unforeseen events, such as natural disasters, weather, etc., paid entry fees for the competition will not be refunded.


4. All participants in the Mývatn Cycle and the Laxá Ring are at their own risk. Children are the responsibility of parents. The race track is not closed to traffic, so it is important to exercise caution and follow general traffic rules.


5. Participants must show consideration for other competitors and staff.

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